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Beekeeper, swarm collector, hive removal

If you have found a swarm of honey bees hanging around your house, property, trees, or just happen to find some around your area please contact me right away. Do not be scared, they will not harm you in anyway(they are just trying to find a new home), just slowly back away and call/text/email me. I am a natural beekeeper and in my operation I am trying to save honey bees in our area by naturally selecting the best genetics. Some of those genetics could be hanging in a tree or bush in your backyard, or building a hive in your wall! If your are interested or need my service in anyway please continue on reading in the about section. I service the CT and MA area. (860)916-2407



My name is Peter Grigely, I am a local natural beekeeper in the Enfield, CT area. I have been keeping bees naturally for 6  years now and am focused on breeding bees that are adapted to our climate. Honey bees in our area have alot of trouble surviving on their own due to climate, disease , and parasites.  So instead of buying bees from massive industrial bee producers from down south and shipping them up here hundreds and thousands of miles, I produce my own locally adapted bees that can live in our climate and fight diseases and parasites naturally with out having to aid them with chemicals. Now one of the main ways to do this is to catch what feral honey bee stock is in our area. The two ways to do that is set up swarm traps or to keep people aware if a swarm or wild established colony of honey bees is found to contact me, so I can collect them and put them in a loving caring home so they will not be harmed by a pest control or poisoned by unknowing homeowners. Please contact me if you have found or come across honey bees. I do perform cut outs of honey bee colonies that have made their home inside of your home or property. I also can aide any new or old beekeepers in treatment free or natural beekeeping methods, along with working with me and my bees genetics to help other beekeepers get stronger adaptive stock. Some years I have extra bees. We also have honey! (860)916-2407



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